We offer quality accounting and book-keeping services.

– We employ professional staff
– We pay attention to your wishes
– We adapt to your needs.

Get to know us, and you will soon realise , that we are a cheerful and friendly team. We will help you overcome many an obstacle so do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your call.



We provide all accounting and book-keeping services for all types of corporate entities and sole traders.

We help companies and entrepreneurs to establish themselves, prepare their notarial records, arrange registration, keep their tax book, books and accounts of received and issued invoices, bank notes and payments, prepare the value added tax return, manage the register of fixed assets, draw up statements of accounts for travel orders, salaries, contributions of private individuals, handle the matters related to the personal income tax and the M4/M8 forms, provide reports on the statistics, prepare the annual accounts, arrange loans, handle the communication with the relevant tax authorities, the Employment Service of Slovenia, the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the Institute of Pension and Disability Insurance of Slovenia, handle staff matters, etc..

We are extremely flexible, available at all times, efficient, and strive to achieve maximum accuracy. We adapt to all situations and help the Client to solve problems more easily. We are kept updated regarding the current legislation and offer advisory services in the field of legislation. Our Clients are guided through the entire business process. We offer services at low cost.

We work hard to meet the expectations of our Clients and become their “number 1” partner.


Business Consultancy Services Voucher Programme

The Business Consultancy Voucher Programme is run in cooperation with Japti. It is intended for potential entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at the stage of their establishment or operation, and also the unemployed. The subsidies for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises include consultancy services, and the unemployed are offered consultancy services and training courses. The companies in operation are entitled to a 50% refund, while the start-up companies and the unemployed are eligible for a 100% refund.

We also offer comprehensive consultancy services in the field of tax legislation.

We take a comprehensive approach to reducing your tax liabilities to a minimum. We receive regular updates regarding the changing complex tax legislation rules. We cooperate with the Clients in the planning of their tax solutions and help guide them to the path of success. In the event of any tax inspection, we shall be present and act on your behalf throughout the entire procedure.

We want the best for your company.

We combine our services with a personal approach. If so agreed by the Business Partner, a preventive tax review is performed at the very beginning of our cooperation.


Our Company was established in 2003.

We had been active in the market before, when we acted as Sole Traders, and in 2003 we transformed into a Limited Liability Company.

Accounting and book-keeping services, including tax, entrepreneur and business consultancy services, present the first of our three main activities, the second being the laying of natural stone, ceramics and performance of minor construction works, and the third being ADR transport services.
Currently, the Company consists of 4 employees.

Company Information:

Tax Number: 49760564
Registration Number: 1897829